IoT and Cloud Application Modernization Services

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Our Core Offerings

Transportation and Logistics IoT Solution


IoT in transportation and logistics

Manage, track, and monitor connected vehicles, freight, or other assets in real time—across town and around the world—with the Internet of Things (IoT).

Bring greater efficiency and reliability to your value chain with world-class IoT and location intelligence services. Improve quality of service, increase safety, and reduce cost by finding smarter ways to get people and products where they need to be.

Keep your business moving safer and more efficiently with IoT

Fleet operations

Streamline smart logistics using real-time data and alerts to optimize delivery routes, monitor performance, and respond to delays or issues as they happen.

Intelligent supply chain

Achieve greater security, efficiency, and peace of mind for your supply chain. Track connected vehicles, cargo such as pallets, parcels, and trolleys, and deliveries in-progress.

Smart city and urban mobility management

Manage smart transportation infrastructure, assess road conditions, and ease congestion with real-time and historic traffic intelligence.

DevOps Strategy and Implementation


Turnkey Digital helps customers understand what Cloud and IoT solutions can do for their business and identify projects that are best suited for this public cloud offering. 

Our DevOps services provides an effective strategy for assessing and improving DevOps maturity.

 Our services can help achieve continuous delivery, resulting in lower perceived risk and cost of deployment, for a mature DevOps workflow.​​

IoT and Data Estate Analytics Strategy and Implementation


Turnkey Digital provides in-depth assessment and planning for deploying, upgrading, or migrating to a Cloud Data Lake Store, Spark Processing, No SQL data platform and transactional/OLTP hybrid cloud solutions. 

Engagements can help you review architectural and business considerations and create a detailed implementation plan.​​​

Our service offerings includes the following engagement:

  • IoT Strategy and Implementation
  • Data Estate Modernization
  • Implementing Cloud Scale Analytics
  • Implementing Globally Distributed Data

About Us: We Are Customer Obsessed!


Cloud Solutions Expertise

We are cloud experts who are transforming business through consultative engagements, intellectual property, executive briefings, and thought-leading events.

Our partners are leading technology companies who we have carefully selected for their ability to deliver immediate and long-term value to our clients.


Our Enterprise First Approach

Our flexible approach to cloud adoption and acceleration is designed with enterprise needs in mind. We create solutions that address complex challenges such as:

  • Leveraging existing investments while adopting emerging technologies
  • Building consensus on an approach and timeframe for cloud adoption across the organization
  • Addressing organizational changes and skill gaps created by cloud transformation


The Turnkey Digital Cloud Lab

Hands-on experience with emerging technologies is what enables us to develop the solutions our clients require.

The Turnkey Digital Lab is where we evaluate and provide feedback on new partner technologies, and where our clients can interact with industry experts and test technologies before implementing them in their environments.